If you're thinking of adding video to your project, event, or marketing strategies you are making a great decision. I love video for the story and emotion you can convey in a much more compelling way then you can with a still photograph.

Small business can benefit from video in a big way. Having video on your site has your potential customers more engaged and remaining on your site for over 50% longer then a site with no video. This is where I would like to help. Let's work together and make great content to help tell your story, show off your skill or product, and grow your business. 


Videography, Gifs, Stop Motion, Timelaps

A consultation for every project (even if just over the phone) is required to get you the most accurate quote. Every project will consist of one videographer, 1-2 cameras, Basic lighting and audio equipment. depending on the project and needs, more equipment and personnel will be added. 


A great way to give products you make life and promote your business in a stylistic way.