365 Challenge

Jan 18

Day 18 of 365 Photo Challenge


So, if you've been keeping up with me I missed posting a photo last night. I had the photo edited and ready to go, but for some reason my laptop was having an issue with McMenamins Kennedy Schools wifi connection and I couldn't get on the web to make a post. My Wife and I had the opportunity to have an in town get away last night. I was pretty sure I'd be fine, but o well.... sometimes you just have to roll with what you're given (or not given.) Thanks for an awesome night out babe! Love ya!  

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Jan 17

Day 17 of 365 Photo Challenge


If you didn't know by now I work with Family Dogs New Life Shelter almost weekly, doing promotional videos for their sometimes overlooked Pit Bulls. We call them Piteos. Justin, the co star to almost every piteo (I think there are over 160 now) Often dresses up for the cause, and as shown here make a great lion.  I see a video compilation coming in the near future. Teehee. 

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