Tache Film Winner 2013

Movember Video Winner

Tache Film Winner 2013

This video was made for Philip Bloom's Movember Tache film competition 2013 . Every moustache, as every man, has it‘s own story. That is something that distinguishes a man from others. Each man is different but unique in his own way, having his own dreams, hobbies and plans. However, no one knows exactly how much time is given. Made by Aistė Šidlauskaitė and Linas Maknys Special thanks to Ieva Salatkaitė Music by Tony Anderson

This well deserved film by Aisté and Linas is amazing. 60 seconds isn't that long to do much at all, let alone making a short film. All the top 3 winners did amazing.  

A good amount of $$ was raised for prostate and testicular cancer this year and the way years have gone so far, next Movember should be even better.


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