Ashley Dow

Artist Rochelle Muzquiz

Studio Shoot

Occasionally I offer some sort of free shoot to practice a technique, lighting, editing, or just because I haven't shot in a while. This was a first meet up with local Artist Rochelle Muzquiz for a relaxed, fun photo shoot in my home studio. Makeup artist Ashley Dow was kind enough to come over to help out on this one. The shoot was nothing crazy. Plain background, 1 sometimes 2 lights, and a short venture outside. The main learning experience for me on this was primarily in the post work. Playing with tone, textures, and frequency separation (new one for me).

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Makeup Lesson

Ashley Dow - Makeup Artist

    I first got hired to photograph Ashley's wedding this summer. Then had the chance to get to know her on the engagement shoot, and found out she had a passion for makeup and hair. I asked her if she would like to help on a shoot I had coming up and she excitedly said yes. Really glad she did because now I have a go to for clients hair and makeup. Stoked!! 

She will also be helping me this summer with high school senior photos, which I'm very excited about. Check her video's out (I'll be helping her do more of these), subscribe to her channel, and perhaps meet her on a photo shoot. 



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