Corporate Head Shots

fun times at the office.

When we were asked by a friend (and previous client) about doing the head shots for the company she works for we were a little intimidated.  We had done head shots before but not on this scale. Like any other young business we of course said yes and sent them an estimate not knowing if they would take it. Thankfully they accepted our estimate!

We kept it simple with lighting and gear. Using just a speedlight, a soft box, 5 in 1 reflector, Camera and 100mm macro lens. The toughest part when shooting head shots (portraits too) is getting a legit reaction/smile from the subject. You want a natural, real smile from them.  Nothing that looks forced or fake. Surprisingly, with this group of 29 we only had few that required a little more coaxing to get that great shot!  They are an awesome group at VLMK Engineering and Design! We got to work with some fun people that day and we'd love to work with them again anytime. 

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