Adornment Events

Caring for every customer.

Carisa at Adornment events has to be one of the most caring and professional wedding and event planners I have had the privilege to work with. If you don't make it over to my wedding site very often then you may have missed this project I did for them. I am also very lucky and blessed to partner with them for weddings. 

If you are in the need of a planner for your wedding or other big event look no further then Adornment Events.

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My July 4th

A look through my lens at the city with in the city, Maywood Park. A great community in it's self, but dear friends always make events/days better. It's not as indepth as i wanted and I missed some key things, but you still get a good feel of july 4th in Maywood Park. Enjoy!


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Finding Love. Giving Life.

A mini Documentary

Family Dogs New Life Shelter celebrates 10 years of finding dogs their forever homes. This is a short documentary taking you into the shelter. A little behind the scenes and history, as well as what they hope for the future. They are in many cases dogs final hope to find a loving family. To help this shelter for the next 10 years go to

This was my first attempt at a documentary and I know technically  there are many mistakes, but it was a great experience and I learned a lot for the next one.  Enjoy!!


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