Senior photos

Under the Bridge:

St. John's Shenanigans.

Without a moment's notice,

     A plump raindrop abruptly greeted the top of my head right as the front door swung shut; the first one of many that would leave Hayes, our senior representative Avery-Kiira Abney, and I, either dripping soaked or running for shelter at each opportunity on Sunday afternoon. Setting off, admittedly with murmured hesitation at the sight of the windshield wipers at full speed, the trio made our way to a beloved and popular location: Cathedral Park, right under the vibrant green hue of the monolithic St. John's bridge. 

With the St. John's bridge looming in the background, Avery-Kiira steps in front with one of many naturally-inspired poses.

With the St. John's bridge looming in the background, Avery-Kiira steps in front with one of many naturally-inspired poses.

     Unloading, extending, attaching, syncing, and preparing equipment has become nearly an instant reaction when hopping out of Hayes' Honda, as well as setting out a preemptive game plan for any ideas that may be helpful on the shoot. So with a secondary flash and a tripod hefted over my shoulder, we made our way for some initial portraits in the central park. Following a bit of "here and there" posing, along with some more candid snaps, it became apparent Avery was anticipating some more fun and creative shots, so we decided to take an "adventure" by her suggestion, which pleasantly yielded a more natural feel as a result. With Hayes' and her prompts, I attempted to take on a more active role in critiquing details with positioning, throwing out suggestions like "the thinker," and so on.

Avery poses for a profile inside the willow under St. John's.

Avery poses for a profile inside the willow under St. John's.

Avery-Kiira senior-photo2
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What to wear for your senior photos.

Be Comfortable!

We know that for many, getting in front of the camera is difficult and uncomfortable. If you're a HS senior this might not be your choice. It might be something your parents want more than you do. If we can help in anyway make it an easier, less painful process we will. So, as far as dressing for your shoot goes, here are some tips that might help.

Photos never come out well if you aren’t comfortable with what you’re wearing. So plan on wearing things that show your style and make you comfortable. Pick outfits that you love wearing and that give you confidence. We don’t recommend going out to buy something new just for your pictures unless you just have to have it. ;) 

We do recommend colors that go well with your skin tone, eyes, and hair. Earth tones work great. Basically, just stay away from fluorescent colors. For some reason, they only worked best in the late 80s. If you’re the outdoorsy type, think more solid colors. They show better in very woodsy areas where there can be lots of detail. A good rule of thumb, avoid loud, busy, large stripes, or dot patterns that take away from you.  Also, stay away from baggy or too loose of clothing. These items tend to make you look wider than you are. Clothes that are more form fitting generally look best.

Portland Senior photo01

Girls, let’s get fancy and wear a dress for one of your outfits. Whether it's a spring, summer, or formal gown, a dress is a nice addition to your photo shoot and can have great contrast with certain settings. Our favorite styles have cinched waists and flare outward at the hips. This style looks great on most body types. 

Don’t forget the accessories! Anything goes when it comes to accessories that scream your personality. One or two items that add to but don’t take away from you are always a great choice. Ideas are: jewelry, guitar, hats, sunglasses, cars, pets, and sports gear. 

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