Artist Rochelle Muzquiz

Studio Shoot

Occasionally I offer some sort of free shoot to practice a technique, lighting, editing, or just because I haven't shot in a while. This was a first meet up with local Artist Rochelle Muzquiz for a relaxed, fun photo shoot in my home studio. Makeup artist Ashley Dow was kind enough to come over to help out on this one. The shoot was nothing crazy. Plain background, 1 sometimes 2 lights, and a short venture outside. The main learning experience for me on this was primarily in the post work. Playing with tone, textures, and frequency separation (new one for me).

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Jan. 8

Day 8 of 365 Photo Challenge


Wednesdays are shorter days to try to do things. The kids are in school for only a few hours and I have to be around to pick em up. So I snagged my boy Noah after he had his snack, put a hat on him and added some video lighting to get this shot. Through in about 15 minutes of editing. Until tomorrow...


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