365 Challenge

Jan 21 (Challenge Change)

Day 21 of 365 Photo Challenge...

So, I heard some words today that made a bit of sense to me about the 365 challenge that I'm doing. First they said to "do projects that have a chance of making you better." That got me thinking. Is this making me a better photographer? That's arguable, and I would say for me it hasn't yet made me better. It's made me carry my camera with me way more, that I like. I don't think it's necessarily made me a better photographer though.

This has me changing the 365 challenge to the other option i gave myself at the beginning of the year, a 52 photo challenge. Now that i'm 21 days in to the 365 which isn't that far. I realize for me, this makes for a chance of getting better. Slowing down to to take less photos, but better photos.   

I feel lame stopping the 365, but excited about the 52 photos (more like 50 photos) that i'm now doing. The theme for this week is still "bus stops" so look for a photo around Friday or Saturday. 


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Jan 20

Day 20 of 365 Photo Challenge

Projector light.jpg

Here we are on a new week of the 365 photo challenge and since i missed the selfie from ya go. Something a little different though. I used the light from a projector for the photo. I've never tried this before but I can see it's uses in the future. Maybe a bit of a fashion shoot or a HS senior might dig. We shall see. I just keep this one in my back pocket. Oh, I went ahead and with the help of family members came up with many different subjects for weekly themes. So for the rest of this week, the theme is "Bus Stops". Just from the sound of this one I can tell there will be a lot of poaching. Hey, but now that I said that, that's what I'm gonna try to avoid. Let's see what happens.


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Jan 19

Day 19 of 365 Photo Challenge


This morning before leaving the Hotel I Had Court just look out the window for a sec, and took this shot. I planned on going back out today and try to get some shots at the skatepark, but it didn't pan out. Thanks for being my model yet again Court. You're the best!

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