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Working with film over the last 6 months has been an eye opening experiance for how i shoot, and what I want to do more of in my business. My collection has grown and I'm now processing all the film myself. I even do a little darkroom printing for the sepecial BW images that I want to give that extra care. I'm making YouTube videos of my journey with film and documenting how I'm going to be making more of it my business. Here are a handfull of images that I've taken with film. Do you have a passion for film? Would you like to learn how to shoot film and different film cameras? Look for upcoming news and small group workshops I'll be doing this summer. I'm excited about it and would love to help you learn. ;)

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Analog 01

My First Medium format go.

So, a little set up for this and future posts on the analog subject. I grew up shooting film on a Canon AE 1 I got from, I don't know where. Anyway, for years I shot on this getting good exposures but that's it. No artistic thought went into any image shooting film. Flash forward to now. I've run this biz for 6 years shooting digital, and now I feel drawn to film again. A new fond interest in shooting medium format, 120 film. December of 2017 I picked up a MamiyaRB67. A beast of a box, with an enjoyable system of working. Take a breath, slow down and enjoy my ride shooting, developing, and eventually printing film. OH YEAH! ;) 

HP Studios-film photos 01
HP Studios-film photos 02

I needed to figure out how to get good exposures with the Mamiya since it doesn't have an internal meter. A workaround is to use your DSLR to meter your shot, use an app, or get a handheld meter. I did a little of all of these and for me, a handheld meter with a flash metering option works best. I found an old Minolta spot meter with a flash meter works best for me, perfect! 

If you watched the video, you'd know I love using this camera. from the loading of the film, looking through the ground glass, and the satisfying slap of the shutter, it's a great experience.

This will be used alot more this year 2018 and with a Darkroom on the way to being set-up. I look forward to sharing that experiance as well while I make some "classic prints". How do they compare with inkjet prints? So want to know.

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Holiday Mini Sessions 2017

With Fall coming to a close, HP Studios asks you and yours to join us for the holidays!

2017 Holiday Mini Sessions.

Schedule a time to bring your kids, spouse, or even some good friends for a mini photo session full of cheer! Both a festive holiday-themed area and a less decorated set will be available to give you a choice of what look you want. The sessions are 20 minutes long with a whole lot packed into them.

HP studios holiday Mini.jpg

Limited Spots

We’ll have pre-priced packages, as well as an A La Carte menu at mini-session pricing. Because this is a one-day event, we have room for 12 sessions only, so try and book early!

  • The event will be held on November 19th from 9am to 6pm.
  • Sessions are 20 minutes long including time for selecting images and orders.
  • We’re teaming up with Inspire Dance Centre and will be holding the mini sessions at their studio, located at 485 NE Burnside Rd. in Gresham.
  • You pick what you want! We’re offering packaged deals as well as a more A La Carte-style selection to guarantee you take home what you're looking for.
  • Captions or quotes for holiday cards will also be available.

With the last year's natural disasters affecting many areas around the world, we've decided that for this event we'll be donating half of the session fee to UNICEF to help those in need this winter. The session fee is $60.00, not including any prints or product.

Packages for prints start at $40 and individual images at $20. We'll also have a holiday card option along with speciality items at the event.

Please keep in mind, we do have a limited number of spaces, so make sure to book a spot early to get the time that works best for you and your family.

When you sign up, you'll automatically receive an image of the holiday background for this year as soon as it's developed. We're going with a fairly simple, all-inclusive yet charming direction for the set, so stay tuned with our Facebook page to catch a glimpse of the final product.

We hope to see you there!

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