So you wanna know a little about the studio? Heck yeah!! 

Hayes Peterson

Hayes Peterson

   I've always been a visual person and a creative one. Reading and writing never came easy to me so I took to the visual side of stories. I always loved drawing, painting and have a love for animation. Skateboarding got me into video while I made short films with my friends, and I never stopped filming. It wasn't until 2008 that I got more into photography, although I shot film from a young age. Digital + Photoshop = Mind Blown!! (I still love shooting film and do all the processing myself)  Having my two kids, and staying home (like a lot of women in the same situation) I took lots and lots of photos. I soon got really into how to make my images better, and never stopped learning. In 2012 I started HP studios Stills and Motion and love it.

   It wasn't until my Mum got sick, and passed in April 2015 that i really got the "why" for what I do. She left my brothers and I amazing albums of our family through the years. She took video with her 8mm camera and left us a story of who she was and who we were. 

   I'm so blessed in being able to create for others. Providing them memories in stills, and visual stories. Whether it's your wonderful family, your passion, or your small business let's tell your story and make some memories.